Laufenberg Family

I do not do many family sessions, but I am so glad David and I photographed Maddie, Josh, and their sweet two-year-old boy, Jordan. Maddie and Josh are also photographers so Jordan is no stranger to the camera. He was a little shy at first and it is true that no kid wants to sit still, smile, and look at the camera! I’m an adult and I don’t even have fun doing that, so we did what felt natural to us all, MOVEMENT. The whole Laufenberg family started showing their true personalities. David and I were lucky enough to get to see all of Jordan’s goofy faces, how high Josh was able to throw him up in the air, and the love the family shares together. The Laufenberg Family radiates warmth and joy. It was a please getting to take your photos.

Josh, Maddie, Jordan, thank you for trusting us to capture your sweet family!