Colorful Vineyard Wedding in Cambridge Wisconsin

Leesa, Kelsey’s mom had a concentrated look on her face as she was sitting on the floor with a needle and thread looking up at her daughter’s wedding dress. She was sewing on the customized embroidery she crafted as a gift for her daughter. As she finished up, she showed me, and underneath Kelsey’s wedding dress was the beautiful needlework which read “Mrs. O’Brien 8. 3. 2019”. Beauty lies in the details and this wedding was decked to the WALL’s (pun intended) with creativity! It’s all the small things that add up to something so much bigger and sometimes the small things can mean more. A sparkler may be small, but it sparks joy for Kelsey. On the outside looking in you may not understand where something comes from but Kelsey LOVES fireworks. Dave, her now husband took that into account and got down on one knee while the sky was lit up. They got engaged under the fireworks, how adorable is that? And yes, we incorporated them in their engagement and wedding photos!

One unexpected thing that happened this day was RAIN and WOW did we get lucky?!?! We got through the entire outside ceremony and all the family photos before it came down like no bodies business. Although a lot of brides dread the thought of rain on their wedding day, it is said to be good luck! I’m not sure about all of that, but I believe it’s how you roll with it. Even if it did start raining during their ceremony, I don’t see that stopping them from celebrating their love. Dave and Kelsey handled it all with grace and always kept the big picture in mind. They were focused on each other and loved ones. While it rained, we hid away in a distillery, which made for some of the coolest photos of the day. So, you can say we did get lucky!

Family presence was huge on Kelsey and Dave’s day. I loved  seeing the kids running around and having fun at the wedding. As I was going through the gallery, it brought me back to when I attended my Aunt or mother’s wedding. I was only 5 or so, and I’m not sure which wedding it was; they are likely mixed together, but I still remember singing karaoke (John Prine – Fish & Whistle) with my cousin Eric, wanting my flower girl dress to look just like my older cousin Cori’s and the bag pipes that played. I love the photos of me as a child from those weddings, although I hated being told to smile and getting my photo taken (the irony). I hope they get to look back on these and that it sparks memories for them like it does for me!

Thank you, Kelsey and Dave, for trusting us with your precious moments.

To all the vendors, THANK YOU! I feel so blessed to be a small part of such wonderful day filled with people who put thought into the details and care into their work. I couldn’t do what I do without the couples and their families who bring life to the portraits. The vendors that make it all happen, from the music, to the venue, the florists, the crafters, the creators, the speakers, the coordinators, the bartenders, chiefs, servers, and more. Another special thanks to David, my second photographer, he works with diligence, grace, fills in where I cannot and has enough patience to work for me :-P. You are god sent! Thank you everyone for all you do.

Venue – Cambridge Winery
Florist- Secret Garden Floral, Columbus, WI
Hair and Makeup team- Beth Thomure
Wedding Dress  – Brandi’s Bridal
Wedding planner/coordinator /Set up and Center Piece’s – Eventful’s Wedding Planning and Rental
DJ Entertainment – Brenden Burmeister
Crafts – Queen of Crafts 
Second photographer – David Heller/Center Scene
Distillery – Dancing goat Distillery



Cheers to the O’Brien’s!



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