Engagement session at Oak Hill Farm in Apple River Illinois

Driving up to Oak Hill Farm we were greeted by kittens – yes, you heard correct, farm kitties! I have a pupper named Luna, but I don’t side with “dog person or cat person.”, I’m strictly an animal person. So you can also imagine my excitement when I also saw the donkeys Earl and Jojo who walked up to us shortly after to say hello. David and I arrived early so we were there before our couple, but just like clock work right when Olivia and Jonny arrived we were greeted by one of the farm owners, Sandy, who was tending to the gardens and introducing us to the the Earl and Jojo – the friendliest donkeys. She offered us a golf cart to get around the property, which was a god sent because it was 90 degrees on a large property and we wanted to see ALL OF IT 🙂 !  Sandy then took us for a drive to see the scenery Oak Hill has to offer which is where I saw how much time and heart is continuously put into this farm. Every direction you turn, you have a different backdrop – which is what you will see from this gallery. They have a woodland area where ceremonies are often held, open fields, tall grass, a pond, an adorable garden, sun flowers in the Fall, and much more.

I also love how they open up the farm for their couples to take engagement photos – as a photographer it was nice to be able to roam the property without the restriction of a wedding timeline so in the future I know where the great spots are, instead of going in blind on the wedding day. Olivia and Jonny were troopers the whole session with it being so hot out. Luckily we had David on the session with a reflector that doubles as a fan (life saver, we love him!). This made me so excited to photograph Olivia and Jonny’s wedding day next Fall, they are so effortlessly sweet and photogenic! It’s going to be so fun!

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