Autumn and Devon’s Engagement session | Mississippi River | Four Mound Foundation

WOW, I think you guys will like this one. Autumn and Devon’s smiles are absolutely contagious, I’ve been smiling this whole time while editing and this location had so much diversity. As many of you know, I’m located in Madison Wisconsin but serve couples from all over and these guys are in Dubuque, IA. They know the area and have more connections so they found this little gold mine through Autumn’s hair dresser, she said it’s the spot to go so Autumn checked it out and let me know. The day we originally had this scheduled, there was a wind advisory. It was a risk pushing it back because the leaves were falling fast and they wanted Fall in their photos. We thought it’d be worth the wait and IT WAS. We got lucky with a sunny and 75 kind of day.

And this location, WOW. It’s called Four Mound Foundation which is an Air BNB spot right next to the Mississippi River. I pulled up early to prep and check out the spot as I do, and was so confused because the road was narrow steep and I saw a house at the top. I didn’t know I was meeting them at an AIR BNB, and was worried it was somebody’s house and I pulled into the wrong spot or something. I went up anyways and saw people walk around, so I got more comfortable and ran into another photographer named Emily. I love chatting with other photographers and getting the scoop. Emily does a lot of family photos there and was so sweet to give me the run down of cool spots to check out. We were not disappointed! So shout out to Emily from T&E Photography in Dubuque and Autumn’s hair dresser for recommending this cool location. Autumn and Devon are practically the poster couple for this spot now hahaha. They did awesome! Worth the driver

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