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Happy Halloween everyone! Today, in Wisconsin we got tricked with snow. So I’m here to treat you with a nice warm September wedding. I found out about Matt and Emily’s wedding a week before it happened. Their original photographer had an emergency and I had their date available!  I’m so glad I was able to […]

Leesa, Kelsey’s mom had a concentrated look on her face as she was sitting on the floor with a needle and thread looking up at her daughter’s wedding dress. She was sewing on the customized embroidery she crafted as a gift for her daughter. As she finished up, she showed me, and underneath Kelsey’s wedding […]

Olivia grabs her dress with her friends around her filling the room with giggles. This is not just a regular day, it is the day that Olivia and Liam become bonded together as husband and wife. Olivia and Liam’s hearts are pounding a little harder but they are walking with a lightness and breathing easy […]