Sheehan Park Engagement Session in Sun Prairie Wisconsin

This engagement session took place 5 minutes away from my house at Sheehan Park in Sun Prarie. David and I go there often to play basketball, ride bikes, walk Luna, and I’ve done a portrait session with my neighbor Coley. I’ve always wanted to take a couple there because there’s endless tall grass, flowers, and wooded area all in close proximity. So I was happy Credence and Adam were down! But – wow, never, have I ever encountered so many mosquitoes, oh my lanta. We all wore 5 coats of bug spray before they left us alone. It was either the bug spray or we were all out of blood, not sure. Credence and Adam went with the flow and didn’t let the bugs phase them, which I’m grateful for! This exact day was their 5 year anniversary and the last one as a non-married couple. To celebrate, I brought champagne. I figured we could shake it up and get the pop on camera, but Adam is way to strong for that because he simply touched the cork and it flew off before I was ready to capture it. It made for a good laugh, and Credence shook it up and we got the shot. Since they came from out of town I suggested they have dinner at Buck n’ Honey’s to end their date! Always good eating there.

Photographing these two was a joy!

Thank you Credence and Adam for making the drive and fighting through the bugs with us!

& Thanks to Janae for assisting and taking some of these shots.

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