Intimate Backyard Wedding in Wisconsin

Hello! Glad you are here, I get to share Danielle and Jerome’s wedding today :)!

Danielle and I first met doing editing and graphic design work at a photography company in Madison. The job was not very involved with people and I love talking, so naturally I got to talk Danielle’s ear off because she sat right behind me! I learned she had a boyfriend who made cool tables and that him and his friends have a night dedicated to watching The Bachelor and placing bets, which sent me – I thought that was the greatest thing because I’m a closet Bachelor lover – not anymore I guess (haha). & Anyone who dedicates a boys night to this, is cool in my book. We talked a lot about them searching for houses and chatted about marriage. I ended up leaving the job before all this happened for her, but I was so excited to see it all come to life on social media with their engagement and buying their forever home. Then she messaged me about photographing their day, woohoo!!!

Which brings us to their wedding day. Like a majority of 2020 couples, things went differently than expected with COVID unwelcomingly making itself on the list of things to think about, but these two handled it with grace. Instead of a big celebration at their venue, they kept it intimate in their backyard and will have a party at their original venue in about a year with those who couldn’t come. I knew I was going to be in my element when Danielle told me to expect a chaotic-fun vibe. Being at their wedding showed me that the best weddings feel like family reunions, and I never thought of weddings like that before. Every weddings shows me something new. Other than being husband and wife, these two are best friends – they laughed throughout the ceremony with their puppy on their side who walked them back down the isle in celebration with all the tail wags. It was a joy to witness.


Congratulations to Danielle and Jerome!

&& Thank you for having us <3


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