Grace’s Senior Session at Ollin Park in Madison

For those who follow me and my work you know I photograph weddings and couples the majority of the time but for the past two years I’ve done a couple senior session and I’m beginning to LOVE them. 17 was such a fun yet confusing time, and with the pandemic I bet it’s even more stressful for all our seniors out there. Hang in there guys!

This senior’s name is Grace, she did an awesome job picking her outfits and posing. It sunny day and Ollin Park which had a lot of different backgrounds for us to choose from (flowers, a nice white building, tall grass, the dock, and forest). David and her dad hung out for most of the session talking about cars while Grace and I worked 😛 .


Thank you again Grace & Aaron!

&& Thank you David for assisting me and taking some of these awesome photos.


  1. Aaron Quillo says:

    I could not be any happier with my choice to hire Anna to shoot my daughters senior pictures. My daughter had such a good experience with Anna and how she worked. I will never be able to choose enough photos to satisfy myself and my family, each photo is as good or better than the next. I would have thought Grace and Anna were BFF’s the way Anna worked with Grace to get just the right pose for just the right shot and make it look so natural. To add to the enjoyment her “assistant” is her boyfriend David and is in his own right a fantastic photographer and videographer. We talked cars and auto events we both enjoy. David would also snap a few shots here and there which was a bonus. He also loves to shoot Anna which you can tell if you see his work with her. So I must also add a big thank you to David as well!

    If I am in need of a professional photographer in the future my first call call will be to Anna Katherine. Thank you Anna!

  2. George arft says:

    What ever u choose
    But I want one of here holding sign
    Spitter image of Deb

  3. Debbie iverson says:

    These are beautiful. You did an awesome job. I would not hesitate to reach out to you for any professional pictures needed. Great Job.

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