Engagement Session in Madison Wisconsin

1/02/2020, Sara and Eric got engaged at the Capital of Wisconsin. REWIND – A week before David and I were so excited to see them since they live in the suburbs of Chicago and were coming to spend New Years with us. We don’t get to see them nearly as much as we are used to. To put it into perspective I used to live with both of them, I MISS THESE GUYS. DM them and tell them to move, k, thanks. Rewind to New Years Eve EVE, I’m talking to Eric on the phone and listening to his internal struggle if hes going to pick up the ring or not (he already picked it out), he wasn’t sure when the right time to do it was and he didn’t want to have the ring on him and get caught. I remember him chatting and then all the sudden he decided and said, “I have to go!”. He went and got the ring, so now I’m all excited and jittery thinking I’m going to be able to witness this beautiful moment and !SECRETS!, however – WhEn is the second question.

When they arrived on New Years Eve we went out to the bar, it was really casual. We spent our time reminiscing, people watching, and catching up. We went home at a reasonable time so we could get up the next morning and do Winter in Wisconsin activities. These cuties (David, Sara & Eric) bought me ice skates that Christmas, because my mouth dropped open watching Sara fly on ice. So New Years Day we went ice skating at Edgewater Ice Rink, which is gorgeous if you have never been there. David and I brought our camera gear, because we always do and also… just in case Eric needs a proposal documented. I was on edge the whole time ice skating because I thought he would do it there, when he didn’t I figured he decided to wait for another day. After skating we went to Great Dane Pub for dinner and then walked around the Capital building. David and I were walking towards State Street then turned around to see Eric on one knee and Sara running in the opposite direction and then fastly running back. This was humorous for everyone involved besides Eric. She said YES and did some cute jumpy things! We all celebrated with champagne. To read more in depth and see their proposal photos click here.

I’m so happy for these guys, they are some of my best friends and deserve the world! They are now planning an intimate wedding for June in Colorado!


We love you guys!!


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