Adorable and Unexpected Proposal at the Capital of Madison

Two very special people that I hold close to my heart got engaged yesterday!

Eric and Sara are the types of people that when they come together, you know they will accomplish whatever they set their mind too. They also have a way of bringing others up with them. Sara and Eric met around 6 years ago at the College of Dupage in Glen Ellyn. They shared glances from across the classroom. One day they both showed up early to class and Eric then started coming to class early just to try to catch Sara. Close to the end of their semester, Eric got the courage to ask her to a movie. They went to see Noah (2014) and to this day still have the movie ticket. The very next day, they skipped class and were basically inseparable ever since.

You may ask how I know these two amazing souls and well, I’m proud to say, I’ve been a great third wheel since the beginning! I’m Eric’s little cousin, and at the time I was living with Eric and my Aunt Jen. Eric and I were what I considered to be best friends and went to same community college. Early in their relationship Eric went on vacation. So, Sara and I decided to hangout. We realized we enjoy a lot of the same things and share a similar humor. While we sat by the pool, I noticed she smiled differently when she talked about my cousin or when his name was brought up. They would talk on the phone and she would giggle uncontrollably. From there we went on runs, walks, and car rides together and I got to know her heart. Sara is kind to everyone she meets, intelligent, and determined, which still rings true today. We quickly became great friends and I knew that their relationship was the start of something great. They were the couple that could look at each other and forget anyone else was around. It was a beautiful sight. Throughout the years they became the friends that I consider a backbone to multiple friend groups. They are always down to have a great time and host our big goofy friend groups. Flash forward 5.5 years and they are still going strong.

Yesterday Eric and Sara traveled up from Illinois to Madison Wisconsin so we could celebrate the new year together. I knew Eric was considering proposing and Sara is an ice-skating coach AKA ice QUEEN, so we thought it would be nice to skate at The Edgewater ice rink on New Year’s Eve, but it was closed by the time they got here. We then decided to go on New Year’s Day but there was a lot of people skating around and Eric wanted a more intimate setting. We got hungry and felt like it was only proper to give Eric the Madison experience, so we took them to the Great Dane Pub to enjoy a Wisconsin staple, cheese curds. Also, if you’re in Madison, you must visit the capital. It’s gorgeous!! As we were walking around the capital, the sun began to set. David and I noticed Sara and Eric weren’t right behind us anymore!!! I tap on David’s shoulder, not able to come up with a full sentence but saying something along the lines of “David, is it? Is he? What is he doing? Is this happening??”. Sure enough, Eric got down on one knee. We scramble to get out cameras out, and if you notice in some of the photos Eric is carrying my backpack. Luckily, we had multiple (Thank you lord). Eric talked about how finding the right time and place can be difficult but really there is no right time or place just the right person. As he was on his knees Sara ran away in disbelief but quickly ran back (haha). All happy tears from there. We then came back to our house to pop some raspberry champagne and celebrate.

I recently asked a friend’s mom who I also consider a role model, Pam, what the secret to a long marriage was because she just celebrated her 33rd wedding. She answered that it was to stay friends with your partner because that is what will get you through the tough times. What impresses me most about Eric and Sara’s relationship is their friendship. Their ability to get through hardships, laugh things off, defend each other’s honor, forgive, sacrifice, and love unconditionally. It’s easy to be happy in the good times, but life is a rollercoaster and to get through the bumps in the road while learning how to smooth them together is monumental. This is demonstrates great strength in their relationship, and I know they will get through anything because, together, as a couple, they are unstoppable.

With tears in my eyes, I can say I am so proud and happy for them. I can’t wait to continue to support these two and be present to witness what their future holds.

I love you both.

Thank you so much for being in my life

Cheers to the newly engaged couple, Eric & Sara



David also helped with a lot of these photos :)!

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