Backyard Wedding with Bluff Views

Riley was the first friend I met at UW Whitewater so photographing this wedding was special to me. I took a couple years at a community college so I didn’t know anyone going into my junior year at UW. I was having internet troubles my first couple days on campus and Riley offered to walk me to the tech support room and let me know to reach out if I needed help with anything else. She is such a kind person and at first I wondered what her motive was. But it turns out she’s just altruistically always trying to help others in any way she can. When Riley and Tim got engaged Riley reached out to see if I could photograph her wedding, but I already had one scheduled for that day and then COVID came, which changed everything for every couple this year. Riley and Tim went from having a secure venue to things being unpredictable, so they opted to have their wedding at Riley’s childhood home on the date they originally wanted but couldn’t have with that venue. And as you know by now I had that date open! So Riley and I met for lunch at Buck n’ Honey’s to go over wedding stuff and so I could get an idea of what they were envisioning. I learned that not only was she excited to marry Tim, but how much it meant to become Jordy’s step mom. Seeing them all together and how proud Jordy looked walking down the isle with his dad was so sweet.

Lastly, driving to the house David and I were LOVING the views. Luckily at the house they had an off-road vehicle where we could venture up to a bluff. It was smooth ride up and a sketchy one going down but we came back in one piece. Also, if you’ve been following me, you know I’ve been loving the backyard weddings. These guys had BBQ prepared by Riley’s dad and brother in law, bags, football, and ended the night with a bonfire.

Thanks for letting us be a part of your day!

Congratulations Riley & Tim!!


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