Matthiessen State Park | Engagement Session


In the beginning of my photography career while photographing couples I tried to keep the styling and posing “light, and sweet”, but that’s not true to me anymore or maybe even ever. I keep refining how I do things as the years go on and as I’ve gained confidence. When it comes to couples I like the posing to be romantic, playful, and relaxed. When I was a kid, I hated smiling at the camera. Here’s an example, when I was around 6 or 7 my mom entered me into an Easter Bunny coloring contest, my bunny was blue, therefore I had it in the bag. I won, and my mom took me to get my photo done for the newspaper. I REFUSED to smile – like, why would I smile when you are not funny? Valid point, little Anna. SO, with that being said I don’t think you guys should always be fake smiling at me. I make it a point for us to relax into a pose without tense cheeks. However, they would not put a frowning little Anna in the newspaper, even though she had the best bunny, RUDE. So there is still some moments where smiles are okay, I guess.

Kim and Kyle WERE awesome, total naturals who didn’t think they were at the beginning. Also, this location… *chefs kiss* . The place we originally planned had restrictions due to COVID. So we ended up choosing somewhere much cooler – Matthiessen State Park. Everywhere we went I could find a great backdrop. Finding different ways to use composition was a lot of fun here. You wouldn’t think this, but Matthiessen State Park doesn’t require that much hiking to get what you need. Highly recommend this place for couples who are down for a small hike & want AWESOME VIEWS.

This was a perfect fit for these guys since they got engaged on a hike. Not quiet Colorado, but it’ll do for Illinois!

Thank you guys for making this day so fun!

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