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This is one of the most beautiful moments I’ve ever gotten the opportunity to photograph. Taylor reached out to me a couple weeks before her due date to see if I could film the birth of her second child. She was going back and forth about it in her head but ultimately decided she would like to have a birth film. I’ve never attended a birth, so I looked to other people in the industry who specialize in birth stories. The work out there is so inspiring and I’m thankful for film makers who share their insights. The love in these birth stories is unmatched to anything you could find in Hollywood. Right when Taylor asked me, I didn’t have any hesitation about wanting to be there for them to capture the moment. However, I did have questions. Just like weddings, every birth is unique. Unlike weddings, you don’t have a timeline! It’s up in the air until your body is ready.

Taylor put time into researching so she could prepare herself for a home birth. If you are interested in learning more about having an unassisted home birth, Taylor shared with me The Free Birth Society community.

She did a beautiful job setting up a nice welcoming environment for the baby’s first moments in the world. They had a birthing pool, calming lights, essential oils, written affirmations for Taylor to remember, and soothing music. In attendance with Taylor, there was – Sebastian (Taylor’s husband), Opal (their first born), Patty (Mimi/Sebastian’s mom), and Yuki (their doggo). While Mimi walked Yuki and made snow angles with Opal for the baby outside, Taylor was focused on her body, and Sebastian stood by for support whenever needed. I was back and forth filming both sides and taking photos whenever I could. I was lucky enough to enjoy a tea party with Opal and Mimi (Patty).  

Early evening came, and so did the baby. The baby was born on January 8th 2021. My eyes get watery every time I think about the exact moment, pure joy is what comes to mind.

I have a whole new respect for family, and love for the Klarer’s.  Thank you for opening your home and sharing these moments.


I now know, mothers are superheroes capable of anything. 

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