Gorgeous Midwest Church Wedding

I’m so very happy to share our first wedding of the season with you all.

Tyler and Katie got married at their Church surrounded by the love of friends and family. Like a lot of couples, they had to downsize due to unprecedented times. But – with hard work, creativity and the help of friends and family – they turned their home church into a beautiful reception site which was straight out of Pinterest dreamland.

I knew I loved these guys from the moment Tyler and Katie shared their story. It’s not always THE STORY itself, but how its shared. And let me tell you, these two were GLOWING. The love and light they radiate when talking about each other is contagious and my mouth hurt from smiling on the way home.

They first met at a coffee shop where Katie worked as a barista. Tyler was a regular customer so they ran into each other often, but they were both living separate lives at that time and some time after that. Katie ended up transferring to a different location. Then one day, Tyler went into the shop and talked to one of the other baristas, Lindsey, about how he was ready for a relationship. She agreed with him, but couldn’t think of anyone… until it clicked. “KATIE!” Tyler then looked her up on Facebook where they would talk casually until Tyler would invite her for a date. The date was also with Tyler’s family – who, from what I hear, are exceptionally good cooks. Katie could handle the heat and passed all tests thrown at her.

They are both very intentional with their hearts and saw a life together. Tyler set aside time to grill out with Katie’s father, where he would ask him for his daughter’s hand in marriage. The story was kind of funny, as Tyler had it all planned out in his head to be an intimate occasion with just him and her dad when a neighbor showed up. Of course, it all worked out. Just like their proposal – it was supposed to be great weather, but it was sprinkling rain and less than ideal weather. The small details don’t always go to plan but our intentions always shine through. Katie said yes, with tears in her eyes and they shared an embrace overlooking Devil’s Lake. The Devil’s Doorway in Devil’s Lake is now etched with the start of a new chapter for these two.

Goes to show, you never know when you are talking with your forever person, and what a better way than over coffee.

Thank you both for letting us capture your beautiful day.


Congratulations to Katie & Tyler

  1. Kate Gorde says:

    Well done! Thank you for your creativity, sensitivity and time!

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