Devils Churn Engagement Session on the Coast of Oregon

In early April I took a trip with David (My bf),  Kelly (David’s mom), Jason (David’s Brother) and Amber (David’s soon to be sister in law). We landed in Portland Oregon, got our rental car, and choose our designated road trip seats. Before going to Oregon we had the intention of taking engagement photos of Amber & Jason. The scenery is UNDENIABLY AMAZING, so it felt right. We spent the first half of our trip hiking and sight seeing (Mt. Hood, Bend, and ending in California’s Red Woods). We decided the second half of our trip driving up the coast would be easier and less muddy for photos. When the day came we needed to check into our Airbnb and then drive back down the coast to get Devils Churn. When we got the Airbnb I did Amber’s hair at the Airbnb and we were hyper aware  that we were racing against the sun. So I  ended up having to do this poor girls make up in the car. This was a little scary for both of us. Imagine going over bumps while someone who hardly does her own make up is holding a pencil to your eye!! It worked out though, phew. And – we got there just in time!

These two have known each other their whole lives but started dating in 2014, when they were still in highschool, making them highschool sweethearts! The first time they spoke on the phone they talked for 12… H O U R S!! Amber told me that Jason took a while to reach out to her the next day, so she thought maybe he didn’t like her… but he was just sleeping because they talked so late the night before. For their first date they went to Buffalo Wild Wings in Dubuque and ended the night with ice cream in Galena where Jason told Amber something along the lines of “You know, everyone is going to say we’re dating at school. So why don’t we just start dating?”. Fast forward and Jason is proposing to Amber in their living room with Jaxx (their dog child). Now they are engaged to be married in the Fall of 2022.

I’m so excited for these two and can’t wait to share more fun times together. They are great individuals and compliment each other so well.

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