Kathy and Johns Engagement Session | Sheehan Park, Sun Prairie


Have you ever been around a couple of friends and their specific energy is so strong with each other that sets the tone for everyone else? I see it all the time with best friends, close family members that just GET each other, and sometimes couples. I also see the opposite, where two people have animosity towards each other. You can’t always see it or describe it but you can feel it. John and Kathy have that positive energy. The kind of energy that over flows and is shared with those around them. They are such a joy to be around and I’m so happy they found their way to each other.

I hope you all enjoy this set and catch their contagious smiles.

  1. John Pett says:

    Thank you Anna! We had a great time! You did a wonderful job of taking pics and capturing the moment. And as always Harlow stole the show!

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