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Hey guys! I’m very pleased to be sharing a special elopement with you all today! I met this lovely bride, Jennifer, through an online photography class we took. She was the first person outside of David that I trusted enough to second shoot a wedding for me. I’m very selective with who I work with because […]

Happy Halloween everyone! Today, in Wisconsin we got tricked with snow. So I’m here to treat you with a nice warm September wedding. I found out about Matt and Emily’s wedding a week before it happened. Their original photographer had an emergency and I had their date available!  I’m so glad I was able to […]

We got the opportunity to photograph this sweet couple, Lindsey and Kyler’s wedding last month and I’m so excited to share some of my favorites. Lindsey and Kyler are high school sweethearts, you can tell they’ve been bonded for a while by how effortless they communicate, how close the families are, and how tight their […]

Clint, Ashley, and their little girl Ava are so fun to work with and I’m excited to share a little sneak peak of their wedding day. The day started out as normal, me taking photographs of details except this day I had farm kittens who loved swatting at my camera strap and demanding attention, it […]

The moment I met Katie and Kevin, I loved them! They are the type to follow where the adventure is and aren’t afraid of taking risks. Kevin, David, and I bonded over our love for snowboarding at their engagement session and we learned that Kevin was moving to Colorado (snowboard heaven) for a job opportunity. […]

I’ve been lucky enough to know Amanda and Justin for about a year now! From their inquiry, to their engagement photos – where Justin was convinced he was “bad” at taking photos, which we found out to be FALSE (good try Justin), to meeting Beau (their fluffy furbaby), pre-wedding coffee dates, where I got to […]

Leesa, Kelsey’s mom had a concentrated look on her face as she was sitting on the floor with a needle and thread looking up at her daughter’s wedding dress. She was sewing on the customized embroidery she crafted as a gift for her daughter. As she finished up, she showed me, and underneath Kelsey’s wedding […]

Brently’s eyes watered as everyone stood up and turned to the back of the church. It was a snowy day in late April, but the light was beaming through the stained glass as Hailey walked down with her father at her side, excited to reunite with her groom. They were able to sneak a peak […]

Olivia grabs her dress with her friends around her filling the room with giggles. This is not just a regular day, it is the day that Olivia and Liam become bonded together as husband and wife. Olivia and Liam’s hearts are pounding a little harder but they are walking with a lightness and breathing easy […]

It was a race up to the top of Devil’s Lake cliff as the dreamy sun has been setting earlier and earlier. The air was crisp, and the leaves were clinging onto the trees as Fall was coming to an end. We made it just in the nick of time right as the sun was […]